My Personal Philosophies About :

About Life
  • Enjoy Your Life As You Live
  • Do Not Hate Anyone For Nothing
  • Be Friend & Friendlier To Others
  • Always Forgive Others And Don't Keep Grudges
  • Always Helps Others If You Afford
About Education
  • Learn While You Earn
  • Continue Learning As Your Live On
  • Hit The Top Of The Education As You Can
  • Because Knowledge Is Power
About Money
  • Earn As Much As You Can
  • Do Not Let Money To Drive You
  • But Make Money To Work For You
  • Because Money Did Not Guarantee Your Life's Happiness
About Family
  • Love Them Whole Heartedly
  • Do Not Neglect Them For Someone Else
  • Especially Your Parents & Your Childrens (if any)
  • They Are Your Real Asset Of Happiness
About Country
  • Love Your Country As Your Own Mother
  • You Are The Country's Biggest Asset
  • No Matter Where You Live, Do Not Forget Where You Came From
About Politic
  • Do Not Mess Your Life With Politics
  • If You Don't Love Peoples
  • Otherwise Your Life Will be Miserable
About Religion

  • Do Not Acquire or Possess Only Them BUT Adapt Them Into Your Life
  • Religion's Is Your Guides To Understand & To Differentiate Between The Good & Evil
About GOD
  • Trust GOD No Matter What Is Happening In Your Life
  • Because HE Is Our Creator
  • And We Owe HIM Our Life