About Me

Pen Name : 
  • DrSoul Loren
  • "Soul" derived from my activities in Psychology field- When my real name was too long to pronounce.
Birthday :
  • Born on 2nd September 1960
Education : 
  • PhD - Business Administration & Psychology
  • MBA - Business Administration
  • BBA -  HR & Mass Communication
Previous Profession : 
  • Financial & Business Psychologist (Worldwide)
  • Psychology Counselor - Mental Healthcare (WHO)
  • CEO of Funds Investment Management Firm (Geneva)
Working Experiences
  • Since i was young ever tried all sort of working positions in all Sectors while studying.
  • Positions like all sort of general laborer, all sort of driver, mechanic & technician in various industries, sales person in various retails business, supervisor, manager, planner, general manager, department director, managing director and CEO in various industries
  • As CEO when running own businesses in various business sectors
  • Ever owned retails & f&b restaurants businesses before joining financial sector
  • All these movements was carefully Planned as part of my Learning Process in order to gain more Knowledge in various Business Sectors.
  • My Hands On Working Experiences given me much advantages in elaborating most of the Sector's Administrations & Managements processes beside my formal qualifications.
  • Widely exposed working with American, European, Australian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Peoples, Employers and Business Associates.
Hobby : 
  • Business Articles Writer / Blogger 
  • Book Writings
  • Cooking
Country Of Origin : 
  • Indonesia - Sumatra (parents)
  • From Sumatran Sultanate family 
Upbringing : 
  • Singapore / Malaysia
Studying Countries : 
  • Singapore / USA
Previous Work Place : 
  • Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and USA
Live in : 
  • Anywhere that i like...
Currently : 
  • Completely Retired from Corporate World 
  • Now Focus In Writings
Political Stand or belief
  • Non Partisan
  • A Political Observer & Analyst
  • I am also a Islamic Theologist